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Recent work

Most of what you see here can be ordered, is available or can be used as a reference for new work. For any inquires contact me by clicking one off the buttons.

Tree figures

With these trees I wish to emphasize my love for nature. If there is anything divine in this world, it must be nature. It is time that we learn to honor nature again. After all, our survival depends on it.


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Yoginis on spheres

One morning I woke up with a title in my head "Girl on the moon"  With these bronzes  I wish to express my gratitude and my love to all woman who have been struggling in this dominant male world. Soon the first woman will  finally walk on the moon. 


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Reversed figures

The first statues I made where boys walking on their hands. they arose at a time in my life when I felt I had lost my balance. I experienced life as a difficult task. Always careful not to misplace your next hand and fall. Today I feel much more balanced and you can see my figures play much more with this search for balance.​ 


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The animists

With my animists I seek a connection with my ancestors.  I imagine how they worshiped nature and its elements. 


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Sunsaluation and yoga poses.

In my search for balance in life, I automatically grew towards Yoga. How could it be different. Yoga helps me balance both physically and mentally. When I feel a little down or I start to get physical complaints, it only means that I strayed from my regular practice.  By delving into the yoga postures, I am both focusing on the anatomy of humans and mentally imagining the yoga poses. I remember very well how one of my teachers said. "Imagining is half the work. Well, I am halfway.


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Masters in balance

Before I got interested in Yoga I was very attracted to the circus. I saw these artists as masters of balance. I devoted myself to it for a while, but this was not my art form. Imaging these artists was much more appealing to me.


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